So when did your travel open I am habitually asked. That request for information e'er makes me grin for my Journey began when yours did - at the launch. Since the day we were given birth we have been on this tremendous trip - calved as permitted children, honest, innocent, reliable next to our emotions, creative, loving, prudent teentsy beings of hurricane lantern.

And next as occurrence goes on we are instructed ego way and how to fit in, what we should and shouldn't say, verbalise when unrecorded to, be seen and not heard, what to wear, what we felt or aforementioned as children was substandard than those circa us. Tears were for babies - to pull ourselves equally and become phlegmatical "clones" - Need I go on?

Our unadulterated lighter-than-air becomes concealed to a lower place so numerous layers that do not belong to us but to other or a religion, or a school, or a governing body ...

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In our fervour to fit in and fulfil We shortly bury that we ever forgot who we are ...

Something is missing, something does not perceive exactly as we get senior and in performance vivacity in this "Straight Jacket" barely breathing (well in fact we bury to do that too *smile*) - the force out begins for happiness, love, wholeness - but we were skilled to facade for it uncovered - in a partner, a career, a family, and yet static we knowingness empty, lost, lonely, ungratified -

And after it is the "how complex does it have to be formerly you listen"

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To who?

Your hunch - You - that's who - the YOU that you forgot, you forgot!!

That is when population say their "journey" began but it is not. It is when we pick out to see and we decide to turn spiritually awakened, realising that we are not a moment ago be bothered and thing but we are core too - and that is what has been nonexistent - our core.

We see that the vivacity of work, Sainsburys, headaches, materials and un satisfaction is not the intact likeness - here is much and it is accomplishable. We take to mean that mental state are what is missing from the covered not the extracurricular.

The other interview I get asked is "What is my purpose?"

And the response is - your keenness.

And you will breakthrough your passion, as you menachem begin to brainwave you - how can you know your passion, your task when you have been breathing to individual else's rules and concealing.

These two questions have one medication. That treatment is to coat put a bet on the layers of idea - when you feel or cognisance something - ask is this really me or does it be to mortal else? When you intercommunicate - are they your spoken language - are they honest, truthful, and crazy. How do you subsist your day - is it by your rules and expectations or mortal else's - whose boundaries are you living by...

And then in your silence, commonplace set in train attentive to your bosom. Spend instance exploit to know you. Gradually you will perceive a opus and it will pilot you to you and the grant you were hatched to allowance.

I do not know what your passionateness is or your purpose, lone you know your truth and that it is why it is so cardinal to trust in you, your feelings, your intuition, your dreams ... You can be guided there but no one can take you nearby but you.

You are the truth!!

I coating now near a small tale that made me facial gesture and made me roll with laughter. A miniscule Hindu history of reality.

One day God got faint of individuals. They were e'er vexing him, asking for holding. So he said, "I 'm going distant to conceal for a patch." So he gathered all his advisers and said, "Where should I hide? Where's the cream of the crop set down for me to hide?"

Some said, "Hide on the superlative upland top on Earth." Others said, "No, stow at the nethermost of the sea, they'd ne'er brainwave you here." Others said, "Hide on the different line-up of the moon: that's the optimum fix. How are they going to brainwave you there?" Then God inverted to his supreme incisive Angel and asked him, "Where do you recommend me to hide?" The quick-witted Angel smiled and said, "Go conceal yourself in the quality heart. That's the solitary fix wherever they never go!"



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