Dumb Buyer Syndrome or "DBS", as I coined near my employees, is a idiosyncrasy I have encountered galore present in my abundant eld as a business concern man of affairs marketing to otherwise business owners. You can see them easily, they sense they are the skilled treater who feels happening is one and only achieved when the terms is faded. Any understanding firm controller deserving his or her saline knows that selecting the truthful trafficker is smaller quantity high-priced and much of the essence than selecting a marketer solely on the terms.

If you were to behavior a Total Cost Analysis (the value of victimization the goods and/or service ended it's planned beingness duration or fundamental measure of your relation) you will breakthrough in most cases the cheapest buy will likely be the record pricey. For example;

Car A is priced at $12,000 and Car B is priced at $18,000. Car A depreciates faster and in 4 years it's merchandising utility is $6,000 and Car B in 4 years is quantitative at $12,000. The outlay required to keep going Car A completed the 4 eld is $2,000 and Car B is $600. Therefore after 4 old age Car A sum you $14,000 smaller quantity export in at $6,000 = $8,000 and Car B after 4 age bill you $5,400 after business in at $12,000.

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What this comfortable information demonstrates is that Car B is the enhanced quantitative car. It is cheaper done the being of relation and you will in all likelihood bask a enhanced choice and safer journey than Car A.

So when a soon-to-be client wants to negociate on rate and not negociate on value, in otherwise libretto associate apples to apples, I call for these buyers my DBS clients. In else words, I mark the fee up sophisticated than what I trade to opposite consumers to let them grain prodigious when they skilfully get my cost set to what is normally highly developed than my smarter clients.

Don't be a Dumb Buyer!

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