In the Selective Service facts they spell out that citizens people in one countries may be excepted from observance but they do not indicate the countries, nor have they responded to my email and electronic equipment inquiries, so I would to cognize if a Canadian citizen living in Canada at the circumstance of a negotiable instrument would be excused. My son is a citizen of the USA and Canada. I cognize he has to listing for SS, but is he off the hook from observance if or when the US has a draft. I could not breakthrough this subject matter on the parliament website.

As a U.S. citizen, your son is fully premise to subject area call-up in the thing militarisation were reinstated in the U.S. Citizenship does not alter or let off him.

You could stare on the rule or martial web tract that provides the later hearsay on dual nationals:

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"Some aliens and dual nationals would be privileged from installation into the military if within is a draft, depending on their state of cradle and opposite factors. Some of these exemptions are shown below:

An alien who has lived in the U.S. for smaller quantity than one period is let off from installation. A dual national whose other state of status has an statement with the U.S. which expressly provides for an exclusion is immune from induction. [Some countries have agreements with the U.S. which immune an alien national who is a national of both that territorial division and the U.S. from subject field feature in the U.S. Armed Forces.] An extrinsic who requests and is excused lower than an understanding or symmetric treaty can never go a U.S. citizen, and may have trouble reentering the U.S. if he leaves.

An extrinsic who served at smallest a yr in the military of a region near which the U.S. is caught up in shared defence accomplishments will be exempt from study work if he is a political unit of a administrative district that grants bilateral privileges to citizens of the U.S. During a draft, any claims for exemptions supported on any of the preceding categories would be acknowledged or denied by a man's Local Board. Military examiners fashion the last judgment nearly who will be permitted into the bailiwick."

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And you're perfectly. They don't furnish us the enumerate of the countries beside which the U.S. has striking agreements on this business. Nor could I brainwave it on the web.

Anyway, my proposal to you is the following:

- phone up the U.S. diplomatic building in Ottawa; try the diplomat piece of writing archetypal. If they can't serve you, ask them who can. It's too fermentable the defense attache might be able to shine lighter-than-air. Finally, there's a Legal Attache (Legat) who peradventure may well know, or be competent to breakthrough out.

- propagate to bug the Selective Service Admin. Govt. offices are typically negligent to reply, but they are needful to be antiphonal.

- if all other fails, have the American citizen in your people email, exchange letters or phone call a U.S. Congressman's bureau of a detail/district near linkage to your house and ask that they path this lint. Government bureaucrats essential rejoin to Congressional queries in 3-5 in work days.

These recommendations should get you on line.



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