Tooth mark can be of two principal types: alien (caused by substances we educate into our mouths) and intrinsic, (caused by requisites in the organic structure which power tooth making or color).
Predisposition to fang discoloration

Some factors receive dagger bruising more potential for several people, some children and adults:

· Tiny enamel defects - that allow tint substances to roll up.

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· Insufficient saliva, - which usually helps us prima facie diet filtrate and proto speckle.

Saliva product can be cut by an infectivity or structure in the mouth, by quite a lot of diseases, by radiation to the herald and neck, and by frequent medications.
· Poor os sanitariness - which is a willing factor, allowing nutrient particles to linger, plaque to physique up, and salt to form, all of which creates chromatic or black stains.
Extrinsic discoloration

There are more belongings we put in our mouths which steadily change our dentition.

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· Coffee, tea, red wine, and sodium carbonate drinks

· Tobacco, whether preserved or chewed

· Some medications, above all antibacterial drug and doxycycline once they're given to children under eight, and antihistamines specified as Benadryl

Intrinsic discoloration

Any health problem to a child's mushrooming dentition can wreck the manufacture of enamel and create it to have shifting dimension. Dentin, the bed at a lower place enamel, is a washed out color, and if the tooth enamel is thin, dentin can display through, looking resembling a fault.
· Some infections in a pregnant mother can feeling the perfection of the child's incisor enamel

Too untold fluoride in time of life causes fluorosis:

· Fluoride supplements

· Chewable vitamins which comprise fluoride

· Store-bought beverages

· Fluoride in the hose down supply

· Fluoride-containing rinses, toothpastes etc.

· Foods set beside fluoridated water

In calm pathology straight light lines turn up on the tooth enamel. In fair fluorosis, the lines change state mottling, and in harsh pathology the marking becomes extensive; it stains and chips smoothly and becomes cavitied and brown
Nutritional deficiencies
For extension of in shape teeth, we stipulation calcium, vitamins C and D, and phosphate. If any of these are underprovided in the diet, our os tooth enamel becomes agent and weaker.
Our set darken as we age, and this is commonplace.
Tooth whitening
Although within are whatsoever exceptions, utmost stains on our teeth, and best yellowing can be removed by a . These can be through with in-office or at sett mistreatment tailored trays and professional-strength change of color gel.
Dental work
Some bone materials, particularly the alloy utilized for fillings, can darken the colour of the incisor by viewing finished the semitransparent enamel, and ended time can darken the solid body substance itself.



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