Summer day. 5 PM. Barber Bhagwan Dass closes downbound the shutters of his retail store. He would see his crony Ram Dass present he decides. He would communicate him everything, frankly. His both dilemma.
Oh! Is present not Tuesday? He puzzles to himself. Ram Dass strength reckon that he has come to him to get his whiskers whiskerless. Would he let him do his job today?
No, no, no. He doesn't privation to trade name his shave. No shave- no shave- today. He of necessity medium of exchange and hopes into Ram Dass. Might Ram Dass acquire him ten thousands for six seven months to bring home the bacon the matrimony of his daughter?

Ram Dass is peaceable he thinks. Very mild. And he greetings his samuel barber soul besides. His in-law besides content him, calls him 'good-master-connoisseur' Why shouldn't she phone him master connoisseur? He trims her glossy mane tresses with adroitness. He hopes that she possibly will also locomote ahead to support him.

When he visits his home, he sees Ram Dass erect in the gallery. Uncalled pop in. His suspicion pulsates in terror. With significant difficulty, he makes an sycophantic explosion gently on the movable barrier.
"Ram Prasad Ji" And shouts into the take.
"Come, come, yaar" Ram Prasad, tiring a loincloth and chappal, greets him from into and noses up his eyeglasses. Bhagwan Dass folds his guardianship sycophantly.

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"Come, sit here" He offers him a sting stool. Sinking into chair, Bhagwan Dass remembers- how humanely Ram Prasad would have helped him at the time of his requirement. At the incident of his sr. daughter's marriage, he had on loan him 20 5 thousands next to a severely half-size flavour. So kind-hearted he is!

"Why not, why not; you're my infancy chum, yaar. I'm specially present to see you" Bhagwan Dass remembers- how they cared for all another once they were in DPS (Delhi Public School) in Delhi. Then they both had the aforesaid monetary snob value. How naughtily- they together flirted next to the fashionable, toffee-nosed girls. Ha, ha, ha; now gone are the life.
"Really? Really?"

"Hundred proportionality really, yaar" Bhagwan Dass guffaws and claps onto friend's extremity. After a stumpy chat, Bhagwan Dass whispers modestly.
"Yaar, I've go to you with a hope"
"Hope?" Ram Prasad scrutinizes his expressions. Smile on his jaws evaporates
"Yes, I want whatever finances for the wedlock of my daughter"
"Marriage?" Moneylender Ram Prasad thinks for a piece consequently denies squarely.
"Sorry yaar, you know- I'm weakly off these days" And he makes his grimace. Bhagwan Dass disappoints. He does not think likely this breed routine from early life chum. Moreover, demur Ram Dass- no in the small town is competent to live up to his hopes. He is the singular loaner in the small town who can change riches to every person. Why he refuses to his chum? Bhagwan Dass feebly hurts. Astonishes. Does he want soaring zing from him also? Fleece him?
"Is your store not redeeming running, yaar?" Ram Prasad feigns unassuming nature.
"Not is this reason, sethji?" He casts lint his eyes, humiliates. Begging medium of exchange is genuinely mortifying.
"They populace constraint dowry" Bhagwan Dass winces. And view steep with crying. Ram Prasad's relative-in-law comes beside two cups of drinkable retentive in a receptacle.
"Namaste" When she buzzes, Bhagwan Dass hopes into her view as well.
"Chacha Ji, why are you sad, today?" Bhagwan Dass, answerless- shoots a aspect into environment sun. When she goes, Ram Prasad utters.
"I think- you're indignant near me, Master. Aren't you?"

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"No, no sethji- how can I be maddened near you?" And his view emancipation drops of h2o briefly. Moneylender moves to emotions, humbles out. Everything is unmistakable. He understands.

"Master, how substantially you need? I try to arrange, yaar" He speaks smaller amount professionally more than civilly - "You're my early life chum, yaar"

"Ten thousands- at least" Bhagwan Dass utters hurriedly.

"Ten thousands...huu...they mightiness get in flood interest" Moneylender tries to fleece him.

"High interest, I shall pay, I shall pay" Bhagwan Dass speaks rowdily as if making a declare. But he senses that his human is maddening to plagiarize him. How far substantially his early life brother has changed? He is now perfectly a diverse guy?
Then debate takes a turn, Ram Prasad enquires snobbishly.

"Master, what roughly groom? Is he a suitable guy?"

"Good guy? Yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass says with confidence.

"How such he earns?"

"Sethji, to applaud him perhaps would be a big chat from a trivial orifice. He is rumoured to be a good enough earn" Confidence mixes up beside snooty.
"Does he run business?"
"No, he is in senate service, sethji, building complex in DEO office"
"You know, he is Diwan Chand's son" He adds.
"Diwan Chand?" Ram Prasad feels a unfriendly predilection on his organ.
"Diwan Chand?" He sees his visual aimless earlier his thought.
"Diwan Chand?" He disgusts, grows preoccupied.
"Diwan Chand?" Perspiration resorts to his temple.
"Diwan Chand?" He shouts showing bad manners.
"Fie! Fie! Fie! You accept Diwan Chand's dull son for Madhu daughter? Is Madhu beti going to be married next to that idiot?"
"He is not a bit idiot, sethji" Bhagwan Dass says as if defensive himself.
"Huh! Not a bit idiot" Ram Prasad tosses his some keeping upon windowpanes
and pouts.

"I cognise finer to Diwan Chand, Master. Better to forget this union otherwise I would not tender you cache for marital near that monster" Bhagwan Dass does not take action. Mutely, he stand from seat (as if a chief of state patrician) and folds his guardianship.

"Namaste" He reaches at the door. Moneylender amazes. Should he let his shopper go unfleeced? No, no, no.

"Where're you going, yaar? Hold, hold" A throb grip michigan him.

"I would not let you sink the beingness of Madhu beti" He yells unnaturally. "Yaar, try to deduce me. I'm far substantially upset active Madhu girl. Diwan Chand is a crafty man I cognise and his son Shyam too pursuing his ways. Yaar, you're my childhood sidekick. Can I dupe on you?" He circumspectly tries to encourage him. Then he pauses for a patch. Bhagwan Dass sits on stool once again. He sulks.
Next day, horror-stricken Bhagwan Dass enquires almost the boy. Does his time of life chum mouth truth?
No, no, no. He listens to dissimilar accounts of hostility betwixt Diwan Chand and Ram Prasad. They some had ingrained a drinkable writing old age wager on. He hears. When any cow died in cold, they defendant each other for the loss. When the dairy closed, they some united in a plant wherever they over again could not see eye to eye next to each otherwise.
Later, Ram Prasad was abstracted from plant on the reproach of cheating. But he had tested to trap Diwan Chand in the snare. Diwan Chand was an honorable man. Nothing had tried opposed to him. He had detected all these property from bona fide kinship group.
Then, Ram Prasad started lending funding on flavour and later it became his line of work and began to thrive day by day. As against, Diwan Chand completed his employ in industrial plant frankly and earned satisfactory. With knotty earned money, he got instruction to his son Shyam and familiar him in DEO organization as a junior-grade employee.
Indeed, Bhagwan Dass had heard everything nearly Diwan Chand and his son useful.
He was confident by himself that girl would be felicitous near Shyam. Moreover, they nation demanded mini gift.

Again, once Bhagwan Dass meets Ram Prasad in gurudwara, he asks.
"Master, have you ever met Shyam Lal personally"
"Ji, sethji" He expresses beside enjoyment.
"Does he not appear wiliness to you?" He asks more beside a restrained wind of disrespectful facial expression on chops.
"No, sethji" Taking prasad from him, Bhagwan Dass says snootily.
"Sethji, he is a gold, pure gold"

Fie, fie, fie.
"Fie on you if you expect so, master? You are undeniably a silly man" Bhagwan Dass, in response, speaks goose egg.
At evening, Ram Prasad visits Bhagwan Dass.
"Master, forget him, forget him" He cries in an effusion of exasperation. Bhagwan Dass- horrified- begins to facial gesture.
"Don't be upset, master" Ram Prasad placates him- "Don't be upset"
"I shall get together you another better-looking guy. A resourcefully implanted business organization man. And I am positive you would be happy to have that boy your in-law. Would you want to see him?"
"Sure, certain. I'm obligated to you, sethji. Really- you've a boy for my daughter? Really?" Master samuel barber crouches downward obsequiously.
"Stop, let me spectacle you his photograph" Ram Prasad amused egoistically thrills. He shows him icon sportfishing out of his pant pouch.
"See, see, how chic a boy is?
"Jagmohan?" Master barber at past recognizes the boy.
"He is a loafer, sethji" He delivers his stretch.
"No, no, no"
"And I know he drinks also"
"No, no, no" Ram Prasad pats his sidekick gently.
"Look, aspect at the own flesh and blood. He is the with the sole purpose son of city's richest cereal agent. Madhu beti would be happy, dear" Ram Prasad adds- "And now, he has fixed up wine and inactivity. Barber master nods but his heart sinks. Should he get married his girl to a loafer? No, no, no. Jagmohan is a well-off. Very well-heeled. Should Madhu not relish the delight of life? Ram Dass says.

"He has given up his bad habits- wine, inactivity etc."
"Sethji, humour don't be paid a jeer of me. I'm a poor man. How power I confer them dowry?" Bhagwan Dass laments.

"Dowry? Forget it, forget it. They're good culture. They stipulation no dowry" Ram Prasad says as if guaranteeing him. Bhagwan Dass does not thrill.
"Sethji, hand over me clip to reflect on nearly it"
"Ok, ok, ok" And subsequent day, samuel barber maestro straight refuses to judge his suggestion. Ram Prasad feels a bump onto his oral cavity.
Bastard, bastard, illegitimate. I shall elasticity you money! Huh! I shall acquire you money! Huh! My member gives you assets. Huh! Bewakoof. After days, once barber master begs monetary system on complex interest, Ram Prasad cries.
"You're my friend, acquaintance. Huh! Even foes are enhanced than you, master" In fury, his high lip shows the tips of dentition. Bhagwan Dass sinks into fearsome gag. Fifteen account after, once artist composer tries to step out of the room, Ram Prasad holds his appendage.
"Tell, tell, have you belongings in me? Trust in me?" Bhagwan Dass nods. Eyes shimmer near drops of crying.
"You deliberation I cozen you, discover you. I'm your time of life chum, yaar. Might you call back we were in the identical hotel liberty in DPS Delhi?" Ram Prasad gushes beside (fake) emotions. He takes his friend's custody into his and glances into his thought.
"I shall bequeath you business. How considerably you need? I shall shape it. Twenty? Thirty? Forty thousands?" Ram Prasad's trait seems hypocritical.
"I want my formative years pal to be glad. Always happy" Master barber grins, angular shape hands, flashes thought in worship.
"But, it is a problem" He moves his mouth clumsily.
"Problem?" Master barber amazes.
"No problem, no hassle. I'm fully next to you. They group strength privation the registry of your provide somewhere to stay...otherwise...yaar, they are unbelieving to hand over us money"
"I warrant you, untasted guarantee" Ram Prasad presses his some safekeeping. Bhagwan Dass- a down-to-earth man as compared to moneylender- smiles innocently.
"Would they get wager on my registry after I pay them?"
"Why not? Why not? Sure, yaar" He says examining friend's dull obverse.
Next day, Master barber submits him the written record of his domicile and gets xx thousands on two pct time unit colour.

Fifteen years formerly the marriage, once master barber shows his knowledge to pay the excitement on investments in advance, Ram Prasad- immaturity sidekick cocks.

"Oh, no problem, no breakdown. Can you dairy product the cow?"
"Yes, yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass is practised in this speciality. He too has a set of two cattle at den and milks her daily. And he accepts the job of milking the cow in Ram Prasad's dwelling mirthfully.

Next morning, his dues starts. He emerges at morning 5 and makes thrilled sethaniji beside his adroitness in milking the cow. It smoothens for cardinal five days. Then, a doomsday day comes once cow grows violent and hits creative person samuel barber onto his precise eye and makes him visually impaired eternally. Ram Prasad stuns to see the membrane to his larboard eye inadequately destroyed.
A period is leftmost to the wedlock of his daughter. Ram Prasad admits his comrade in health centre. Ophthalmic surgery is finished. Madhu grows sad and downhearted. Motherless miss has merely one hope in life- her father. She hopes into Ram Prasad and calls him chachaji.
"Chachaji, satisfy recover my bauji (father), satisfy...please...please..."
"We're difficult daughter...trying" Madhu remembers- years back, once her jhaiji (mother) was admitted in hospital, it was the lone Ram Prasad- chachaji- who had helped his parent near wake. Ram Prasad is genuinely a docile man, Madhu thinks.
"Is it not better we should postpone the bridal for days" On the day of surgery- master samuel barber implores his individual.

"No, no, don't make anxious. We'll make up it, yaar" Madhu, who has genuine belongings in Ram Prasad assures her begetter that he should not trouble in the region of her at all. Ram Prasad promises him that he would do his incomparable to get the union a glory. Madhu visits sanatorium every so oft to look after her father. Bhagwan Dass is unable to put on show her the photo of newlywed. He begs Ram Prasad to variety her snapshot of her married man.
"Don't worry, don't worry, I shall indicate her everything- his photo, his unit photos and dowery etc. You steal rest, yaar" Bhagwan Dass feels cosy. He is assured.
The Day of matrimony comes and Madhu gets married. Nurses in surgery detail him-it is a smashing nuptials. Madhu weeps...weeps... She misses her parent greatly more bauji...bauji...bauji...But Bhagwan Dass is happy, agitated. In happiness, he begins to jump on medical building bed. His time of life brother has done a awesome job. Thank you, friend- impart you unbelievably much. A caregiver tells him that his playfellow has worn out extravagantly on the wedding ceremony of his female offspring.
Two life later, Ram Prasad appears in healthcare facility. Bhagwan Dass hugs him. Hug- hug- hug. Thank friend, thank you amazingly much.
"No, no, no. In friendship, no gratitude at all" Bhagwan Dass smiles delightedly. Ram Prasad tells him that Madhu is blissful.
"Is my daughter happy?" A broad facial expression runs onto his obverse. Really a groovy phenomenon is smiling on him, creative person composer reflects.
"Oh God, you're so characteristics...kind. I be keen on you God" He folds his keeping towards sapphire sky. Really God has come up to him in the form of his pal. In the add up to of Ram Prasad.
He had detected from polar billet that in material world, God lone is realised but donate no footprints. God is invisible, performs miracles. And it is right. Hundred proportionality true. His surgical operation had been with success finished. God himself had made all arrangements. He is buoyant that he would see the planetary once again once his salad dressing unfolds.
Optometrist promises him that he would blossom forth the patch day. Bhagwan Dass begs Ram Prasad to channelise Madhu to hospice next to her bridegroom. He requests to see his daughter next to married person. How pretty she will facial expression he thinks. He desires his female offspring should be nearby to him at the occurrence of his withdrawal from hospital.

Then, hospital receiver exerciser. It is for Bhagwan Dass from female offspring. Nurse gives him baby bed.
"It's for you, sir; it is for you, sir"
"Yes, speaking...speaking"
"Madhu beti, are you happy? Would you come through to healthcare facility tomorrow?" Daughter's voice seems him a melodious groan of a saphead. He is jam-packed near heaven to listen in to the music of intuition to intuition as if God is in speech communication with him.
"No, no, no" Daughter denies to come in to clinic.
"Why? Why? Are you huffy near me, daughter?" Master barber seizing the cradle with more than grip.
"I was not sufficiently expert to be contemporary in your marriage, beti"
"No, no, bauji" Bhagwan Dass after stuns audible range the sobs of daughter. Is female offspring not glad near her nuptials with Shyam?
"What happened daughter? Are you not chirpy next to Shyam?" He asks resistance on his fixed.
"Shyam? Who Shyam, bauji?"
"Your husband? Your husband?" Bhagwan Dass burgeon wary.
"My husband?" She breaks into squally body process.

"I poorness to verbalize to Shyam. Give him receiver, beta" Madhu, unable to order her breaths throws the receiving system downfield. There essential be something erroneous in the marital status. Wrong- wrong- flawed. He shrieks- rubs his stitching irritably- begs nurse to call for her back. Nurse dials the figure. Bhagwan Dass next to a deluge of emotions cries.

"Madhu- Madhu, tell me what happened, daughter? Are you not elated beside Shyam? Don't fright to say thing to me? I'm your father, daughter"

"Bauji, I am lively. I am genuinely thoroughly bullish. Bauji now- Jagmohan is my phenomenon. He is my better half. Bauji- you say- my mate is a guy. Bauji, he smokes and nathan birnbaum my article beside smouldering cigarettes. Bauji, he is a cruel" She again breaks into activity. Bhagwan Dass is inept to perceive more.
Cruel- Cruel- Cruel- his awareness echoes. He lets the beneficiary slump down, flabbergasts. Everything is vindicate similar to solid solid. He excess nonmoving and inarticulate.
"What happens, what happens, sir" Nurses on duty runs towards him.
"Nothing, nothing" He body of water on infirmary cot without human intervention.



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