Jill 9

J.D. Tynan

A Better Be Write Publisher, LLC (2006)

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ISBN 0976773295

Reviewed by Joanne Benham for Reader Views (5/06)

Jill Wallokowski was the early feminine specializer of all time hired at Vancouver, Washington's Channel 12 info installation. She idea Wallokowski was a bit too noticeably of a nip and transformed her on-air identify to Jill Walker. Unfortunately, it was a bad example to be titled Jill Walker. Someone was traveling across the rural area and slaughter women with that mark. There had been eight deaths and the beautiful specializer was targeted as digit 9.

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Ian Hamlin is the FBI agent charged next to protecting Jill 9 and capturing the sequential person. Formulating a dodgy plan, he sets Jill 9 up as the unplanned hook in the set-up to take in for questioning the person. Complicating matters is the equal charm betwixt Jill and Ian, as resourcefully as her human relationship beside Elias Webber, a rich, handsome man who desires zilch more than than to rob Jill away where he can living her locked and put together her his own.

A literary tale with sharp dialogue, it makes for a nifty publication.

J.D. Tynan was born in Portland, OR and motionless resides in the Pacific Northwest near her husband, two children and a red-heeler titled Bogey. Tynan is a partaker of the Romance Writers of America, and the Mystery Writers of America and spends her incident authorship novels, utilizable two jobs and man President of the PTA. With another 8 manuscripts in the building complex Tynan has just now signed a two copy pact with A Better Be Write Publisher.



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