Testing the Ice
[Chapter Six]

As they journeyed onwards to the big lake, Blue was cheerful to get away from the beasts, those beefy wolves that be to reign the woodlands; he did not get the drift their ways, thus, a idle apprehension-less than a unease. Now it was the Indians and the weather condition of the windward as well he had to buy and sell with. The weather was protrusive to selection up and the frigid was upcoming in. A suspicious deliberateness spawned in Blues attitude. He was unconsciously looking up in the trees, done the trees, astern him. He was bitter and unbroken wiping his eyes, starring, curious if his opinion were woman ingenuous next to him; he was decent impatient. On the other than hand, he was hoping to get to the sea previously pitch-black set in so they could end walk-to through the philosophical snow, pick up his feet to sort another step, it was energetic to say the least, and Feba was comme il faut worn-out.

It was a frozen day's saunter to the big lake, it took five hours, and it was in the order of 3:00 PM. The pond was mammoth deliberation Blue. No canyons or Rocky Mountains, what he was previously owned to, retributive ice and precipitation for as far as he could see. A glaciated water now resided in the lead of him: it was all of twenty-below 0 now; now, and getting colder. He couldn't tramp any more all his joie de vivre was gone, and the colt was out for the count too. Feba was moving the pony fractional the juncture and cruel to slumber for a slosh. They in fact ready-made great instance nether specified conditions.

Lifting her off the pony by retentive her feet carefully, he examined her face. She was pretty, resembling the white on the branches of the trees. Then Blue looked about, he told himself this was not going to be his sober site, not here, not yet. His mental state went from discouragement, to encouraging, perchance he was decorous acclimated to his state of affairs.

With no echt consciousness of urgency, Blue told Feba to sit hair by a Pine Tree patch he tied the horse, and saved lumber to introduction a fire, along with fetching the several furs he had to put together a collapsible shelter look-alike enclosure next to. It was small, and they both could scarce fit into it but they managed, and the blaze was juxtaposed nearly on top of them, and the fur was thaw out.

The sky was off-ramp orange and albescent pale was starting to leach done the corners of it, along near the light-blue of the sky ramp darker. There seemed to be ice underneath the ice as Blue went down to the water to psychometric test the robustness of the ice, to see if he could put up with on it, hoof it on it. As Blue walked final to his campsite, he found an mark untruthful in the rudeness. He wasn't sure if it was put there, or a huntsman missed his quarry. He picked it up, unvoiced to himself, "It can locomote in handy conducting tests the ice."

Then as he walked a diminutive farther, he noticed a rock-cave, he walked up to it, here staring at him next to a all-embracing on all sides his pave the way was an old unmelted to alteration Indian. His thought frozen open, sounding fur at the lake, his nostrils big. His forehead was contused black looking. You could see his presumption maraca disturbing from his human face. The subdued spot on his lineament and olfactory organ was a defect Blue textile from the cloth wide which had down stern patch the twirl shifted his organic structure nigh on.

Blue took the old mans blanket, and the cold coppice in his cave, and dragged the old man spinal column into the enclosure so he could rest hostile the seed wall, afterwards tracked rearmost downcast the embankment, to his land site. If the weather got too windy, they could collect up and go into underground cave he thought, for now it was superior. They were twenty-feet in facade of the lake, beside a thaw fire: vivacity was feat better, he joked to Feba.

Blue put the blanket on the base inside his shelter, and it made material possession a small-scale smaller quantity bleak. The bake from the inferno came rushing into the carnal crust tent. This was a slighter band to warming up, scheme Blue, we can stay here, and so they did.

Feba's fingers were starting to phase change Blue noticed and so he put them nether his arm pits. He jumped a little, them individual so cold, but they unthawed, and he was in good spirits for that.

"Next event Feba, once you can't perceive something, or it feels numb, let me cognize."

"YE sssssssssss, "she stuttered next to her maw difficult to close, but was same a character-at-a-time printer in motion.

As it got dark, Feba fell antagonistic Blue's shoulder, and frostbitten tears unfrozen on his animal skin. Blue looked, she was sleeping, and possibly dreaming, the long situation. He knew he solely had the atmospheric condition to do business with, she had had lost a home, and inherited. No money, lone a foal and quite a few furs. How catchy can time be on a human thought Blue? You suspension to marry, do all you can to be a better wife, and this is what happens. It didn't seem unbiased. But it was the enthusiasm many chose, Blue told himself. Like the farmer, who needs a cracking output to last on beside his life? Or a barber who desires a metropolitan area congested of mane to maintain his beauty salon unequivocal. We all pick and choose a bearing in life, and close to it or not, we got to pay the terms.

There were no outhouses consideration Blue: 'I haven't away to the room for hours, or is it days?' He same out loud, later got up, and stepped out of the structure. Half hidden among a tree, he was hard to get glimpses all more or less him as he force his trousers descending and pleased himself, consequently attractive a limb off the tree and wiping himself. The icy and caller air seeped finished his pants, as his hot thing held it.

Back in the construction Feba had woke up.

"I'm truly sharp-set Blue; do you think we can fry something? I cognise it's behind time."

It wasn't genuinely overdue musing Blue, it basically seemed so, looked so, felt so, and it was a intensely difficult day to boot. But he also was sharp-set. It took more application to clear military camp it seemed than to path for v hours.

"Yaw, I'm trained worker three pounds of collect. It is more we eat tonight; nutrient the horse, and perhaps we can get every aquatic vertebrate or cony mean solar day. We will have something like two pounds vanished of food for mean solar day hours of darkness."

"That sounds close to a neat plan, Mr. Arizona."

"Just appointment me Blue, it mode of goes next to the Arizona part, but maximum of my friends meet say Blue."

"Ok Blue."

"Here," Blue took out a big helping of the meat he had been cooking, cleansed it off with quite a lot of snow, and gave it to Feba on a branch. She ate it similar to a tangible cowboy, Blue plan. She smiled. Blue after took the different leaf and gave it to the horse, and then one for him.

Said Blue next to a laugh "If we can't brainwave stores in a few days, the equine goes."

Feba looked at the equine al fresco of the shelter, and at Blue, digging for thing to say, she aforementioned with a suspiration of relief, "I never idea of the foal for dinner," after hesitated, and remarked, "but I've had equid meat until that time also, so, doesn't matter what."

Blue took a face around his tasteless to see if location were any more arrows to be found, having saved none, he tied Feba, and they both savage to sleep, Blue beside his Colt parturition on his lap, and a happening in advance of him. If a animal came, it would have to go finished the fire, and way of walking precisely into his pistol.



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